After many months of trying out may different stage pianos - and working in central London I have been able to try plenty - I have finally decided to go for and RD300sx which both suits my budget, requirements and my rather worn out wrists (from my work on computers rather than piano - which I play just for fun and church stuff).

Now I need to decide which Amp to go for...

The places I will play are
1. At home (90% of use will be here)
2. At church A - building 1 (can seat around 200 - normally 60-70 attend) - large village hall - we also have a PA system I can plug into.
3. At church A - building 2 - (can seat around 100 - normally 60-70 attend) kind of small village hall - same PA system available.
4. At church B - (can seat 100 - normally 50 attend) - no PA.
5. At an OAP home for services - (can seat 30 - probably 20 attend) - large lounge - no PA available.

I have a fairly smallish budget left for this but could go to 200 pounds.

So I see my options as buy something like a single Roland KC-60 which will probably give me enough welly in all venues. However - I have also read that to get the best sound out of the RD300sx I could do with a pair of amps - prehaps a pair of CM30's (if I can haggle my price down on them). They also seem a little more compact for home playing. I presume both of the amps have an output which I can send to the PA system in church A? Are there any other cheaper amps which two of will be better than one more expensive and that people recommend?

Oh and I don't want monitors without front protection however good a sound they have as I have a pair of young inquisitive children!!! Amps have a bit more of a protection layer 8-)

So what do people think?

Thanks very much for any advice in advance!


P.S. If you have read this question on other forums my apologies, but I am trying to get the widest variety of opinions possible. Thanks