I have received more complaints to the moderator (currently only me) in the last couple of weeks then I have in the last couple of years!

It is unfortunate that as our piano community grows, so do our problems with idiots.
Considering we have over 3300 members, it is
a small percentage. But it is still causing a problem for our legitimate members.

As much as I enjoy our online community, I don't have the time to police every thread posted in every forum.
Consequently, I need to ask for volunteers to moderate each forum. Before you jump at the opportunity, be aware of the following requirements:

Moderators must:
  • Remain objective
  • Be open-minded
  • Not be overly judgemental
  • Remember our audience is World-Wide
  • Not hold personal grudges
  • Be Fair
  • Allow different points of view
  • Only edit obvious "offensive" content
  • Not impart their own personal/religious views
  • Remember.... Freedom of Speech is a fundemental right of all Americans
  • Know that I can/will override your decision if I don't agree.
  • Understand that I can grant you moderator rights, and remove those rights if I feel you are abusing them.

These are PIANO FORUMS! Overall our members/vistors have done a fantastic job of helping people make smart decisions about piano purchases, reconditioning, repairs, etc.
The "Coffee Room" and "United We Stand" are for other discusions, otherwise... keep the topic focused on pianos and playing!.
Still Interested?
Contact the owner/webmaster of Piano World & PianoSupplies.com ... Frank Baxter at: moderator@pianoworld.com
***** One Last Point *****

If we continue to have problems/complaints...
I will close Piano World & PianoSupplies.com down completely!! I don't have time for these petty differences.

- Frank B.

- Frank B.
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