I know this question has been asked before, but prices change and each region is different. This is in San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm seeing a 1.5 yr old KR-7 today. According to the man I talked to, it is in like new condition, with all paperwork & documentation. He wants $4K. What is a fair price for it?

My wife hesitates to buy an electronic piano used because there is no warranty, and there is no way we can test everything in a reasonable amount of time. But we're trying to save a few $. What should I be looking for?

***** Edited to add:

OK. I saw the KR-7. It is in decent shape, a scratch here and there but nothing major. Two things, not necessarily bad, kind of threw me off: (1) the guy is firm on $4K and (2) it is polished elbony (I want a satin mahogany or walnut). So, I told the guy I'd call him back if I decided to buy it from him.

Meanwhile, my wife found out that Costco piano roadshow has the new KR-107 for $6K in mahogany ($7K in polished elbony - we don't want that anyway). A new HPi-7 is about $4.5K and HPi-5 is $3K. Other models can be ordered but at the time my wife didn't know which one to ask for pricing.

What do you think of those prices? The closest Roland dealer is about 40 miles from my office and they don't want to quote over the phone.