After a fair amount of research and shopping, my wife and I have decided to buy a Yamaha GC1 grand piano. We had been looking at Kohler & Campbell and Story & Clark 4'7 grands, but found there to be a significant step up in feel and sound to the Yamaha without busting the budget.

We're also going to have a player system installed, and basically have a choice between the Disklavier version of the GC1 (the DGC1A) or the Pianodisc 228CFX. I know that the Disklavier basically comes with similar features to the 228 with all the optional add-ons (sound card, record strip, mute rail, extra storage sound chip). However, as the dealer is pricing the two, the Pianodisc would be about $1500 less, fully loaded (and we probably wouldn't be adding the record strip, mute rail, extra-storage sound chip or symphony feature right away, making the price difference for the initial sale closer to $3800).

Anyone have any thoughts as to the differences between these two systems? Is the Disklavier going to be worth $1500 more in a configuration with extremely similar features?

Thanks in advance.