I am a 39 year old accountant. I currently work with my husband as an accountant at his law practice. In high school I was a singer and a violinist. I was good enough that my teachers were disappointed that I did not go on to study music in college. I did continue to sing in college though.

I recently began working with our school's (K-5) music teacher on a production of Oliver! He asked for parent volunteers. I told him I could help with the singing. He has me working with the leads on their solos and has commented that they are coming along nicely. I am having SO MUCH fun with these kids that it has made me start thinking of going back to school and becoming a music teacher. Since I have a BS I could just do the core requirements for Music Education. But there are 3 things that have me worried about doing this.

1. Who will hire a 1st year teacher in her 40's?
2. Can I learn to play piano well enough to pass the piano competency.
3. I am very nervous about the prospect of preparing an audition.

Have any of you made a chage like this when you were older? What do you all think?