My chapter of the PTG, #953, of which I am the secretary, charges no dues. We do not send people to the conventions but contribute by offering technicals and such and teach. Any member of the PTG is welcome to attend our meetings. The business is short and the technicals long. They are usually the 2nd monday of the odd months except during the summer when we have a pool party. The next meeting is at Bob and Marcia Davis' house in Lodi. It is the pool party and a potluck.
For you techs that don't want to pay the dues of your local chapter because you live out in he sticks or whatever, you can join our chapter and all it will cost is the application fee and the national annual fee. I think the app fee goes in our bank account which we use to support the scholarship funds of the PTG. Then you will receive the Journal which is a valuble resource to services for the trade. Plus you can get educational material at great prices and take the tests to be an RPT which usually is a requirement if you ever plan to apply for job with a university.
If you make it to one of our meetings also, that would be great.


Keith Roberts
Keith's Piano Service
Hathaway Pines,Ca