Some time ago I inquired about my concerns about getting a large piano (a Mason BB) for a small space (a 12 by 18 living room with an 8 ceiling opening onto a small 7 by 9 dining area-the living room has wall to wall carpeting). As might be expected, I did not get uniform answers as to whether or not this kind of set up would work.

I greatly appreciate the help everyone has given me thus far. Here are some related questions Im hoping to get some help with:

(1)Is there anyone who lives in the NYC area who has a large piano (like a Mason BB or Steinway B) in a small space? Or do you know of anyone in NYC with this setup that might be willing to speak with me for a few moments?

(2)Is the main possible problem with having a big piano in a small area that the volume will be too great or are there other possible problems?

(3)To what extent might voicing or changing room acoustics (e.g. adding curtains) help?

(4)What about inserting some kind of foam baffles inside the piano? Does this affect the tone or make the piano too soft? What about one techs suggestion of attaching a blanket under the soundboard? What about foam baffles in the corners of the room?

(5)Since I am perfectly willing to play with the lid down (but using the music desk), do you think this might alone make the situation a satisfactory one?

As always, any help with the above would be greatly appreciated!