I just ran across a website http://vms.cc.wmich.edu/~code/groven/
which has to do with creative play with temperaments (as well as a quarter-tone piano comprised of three grands and a computer to play them).

There are several well-realized examples of short compositions (folk music, Grieg, Bach, Gershwin, American popular music) played on pianos tuned to equal and just temperaments.
These are delightful to listen to and quite evocative of the effects of different temperaments in various genres.

Listening to them reminded me of my experience with a Steinway L, which is the best piano I have had in my house long-term. After a tuning (in equal temperament) I would enjoy the piano as it drifted into what I realize now to be intimations of various just, well and meantone temperaments over the months between my tunings. All were beautiful, evocative and quite different. I would always look forward to the journey after I had tuned the piano in equal temperament with what I considered to be optimum stretch.

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