I am restoring a 1922 Krakauer 50" upright. I bought new Abel Hammers on shanks, and lined them up carefully with the original guide hammer moldings. After installing the bass and tenor sections, I stepped back in horror as the lowest bass hammer (1) was at least 1/4" higher than the top bass hammer (27) and the tenor hammers then rise about 1/4" from note 28 to note 58. Visually, this creates an elongated "v" shape to the hammer line, with the low point at the bass/tenor break. The treble hammers, if I install them according to the saved guides, will continue this upward incline, but only about 1/16" between note 59 and 88. What's going on? I have checked and rechecked, and am not dreaming. Is this a factory defect? Some goofy design feature? Has anyone else seen a piano with a non-straight hammer line ( except, of course around the bass break occassionally ). Should I re-install them in a straight line and, if so, how should I determine the strike point? PLEASE HELP!