The problem: notes not damping at the treble break. I was nervous. I'd never removed player stack from a Duo Art Steinway Upright before, but one of the churches I tune for was having damper issues and there was no way around taking the beast apart.

After speaking with a friend of mine who specializes in players, he said that it isn't all that complicated, and he was right. But it WAS heavy and awkward to get the beast out of the piano! I seriously thought of leaving it out, but my conscience got the better of me. The tubes are actually still supple, having been replaced since new.

The problem was merely that the screws that hold the damper levers together had come slightly loose and were allowing the damper wires to move side to side. Easy fix, but not all that much fun. Didn't hurt my back, though. Next time I'll take an assistant to help me hoist the player mechanism out of the way.

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Dave Stahl, RPT
Piano Technician's Guild
San Jose, CA