I just purchased an Aeolian table style model piano (with three foldable leaves) that happens to have a unique tonal proportion and dimension. The serial number seems way off the mark as per two reliable sources. 64311 cannot date this indirect blow action piano to 1920 as per Pierce Piano Atlas. The cast plate contains two REd A's in unity for American Aeolian.
The cabinet is exquisite but it has beat up, damaged, chipped plastic keys.. even thinner than the variety of plastic I have seen used on modern day pianos. These are NOT ivories!
At first I believed this piano to be an antique but now I am not sure. Does anyone have a clue about this style piano that is 35 inches high, and 20 inches deep and made by Aeolian.
The Aeolian insignia on the fall board has a red backdrop not green. Does this jog anyone's memory.
Thanks for your reply.. Shirley

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