Although I play several piano jazz gigs a month, my sight-reading is lousy, and I've decided to devote two hours per day to sight-reading practice.

Since there are others here in the same boat, I figured I'd post some things that I'm learning along the way.

Tip #1: Get practice material at the library! Our small town library has tons of piano sight-reading material. I'm currently working through The Scribner Music Library for Beginners and I have four other books each with many pages of easy piano sheet music.

Tip #2: One good way to prevent yourself from going back to correct mistakes is to play with others. However, that's not always practical. But you can use your digital piano (or a tape recorder) to record one part of a duo piece, then play along with it.

Progress: After one month of this, I am seeing steady but very slow improvements. I recognize chords/intervals faster, and less thought is necessary when seeing extremely low or high notes.
- Al

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