Hi Y'awl,
New to this forum.

I played piano years ago to (British ?) grade 8, but then put it away for ten years whilst I spent my twenties playing guitar and spending lots of time with young ladies !

However, recently I've had the urge to start playing again, and so have bought myself a cheap piano to see if my fingers still have it. In the last three weeks whilst I've had it, I've rediscovered the piano memory in my fingertips, and all my old 'don't thinks' ('cos you don't have to think to play 'em) are coming out again (Bach's Toccata and Fugue [although it's meant for organ!], MASH, Moonlight Sonata, Hill Street Blues, Cheers, etc).

However, what I want to do now is start to play with more feeling than absolute accuracy, which was one of the reasons I stopped playing years back (I had to play everything with mind numbing accuracy rather than with any 'off the wall' gut feeling and natural movement). I would really like to work out Frank Sinatra's "One for the Road", which was played for years by Bill Miller, and is one of the finest late night confessionals you'll hear.

Does anyone have any tips on where to start playing this ?

I think it's in F, but it's that loing since I've played anything seriously, I can't get the right hand to do the twinkly bits, and am starting to get that old frustration back, too !!

There's a guitar archive on the web (Olga.net), where people write up their guitar tab for all to see. Is there anything similar for piano ? Does anyone know ?

All help most GRATEFULLY recieved.

Regards ...
... Lord Swampy Dog of England.