Announcing the release of GlennGould 13:1 Spring 2008
A special issue honouring the "Year of Glenn Gould"

Articles include:

The "Year of Glenn Gould"
Glenn Gould Place
An Evening with Glenn Gould by John McGreevy
"Variations on Gould"—a CBC radio festival
"Glenn Gould: The Sounds of Genius"—an exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Civilization
"Glenn Gould and the Future of Music"— a conference at the Canadian Museum of Civilization
Gould, McLuhan, and the Recording Studio by S. Timothy Maloney
"Air of Another Planet": Glenn Gould’s Modernist Mission in Moscow and Leningrad by James K. Wright
Gould, McLuhan, and Soseki: A Japanese Resonance by Junichi Miyazawa
Glenn Gould and the Russians: Then and Now—A Filmmaker’s Impressions by Yosif Feyginberg
Muzak, Music, and Monologues: The Mind of Glenn Gould as Revealed in His Radio Documentaries by Piers Plowright
The 2008 Glenn Gould Prize
A new portrait of Glenn Gould painted by Yana Movchan
The Glenn Gould Foundation benefit concert

A sample of the Fall 2008 issue…
The next installment in the continuing series Glenn Gould in Performance: A Documentary History (Part 3, 1947–1950).
The publication of a revealing diary Glenn Gould kept for several months in 1980—the only time he ever kept a diary.
...and much more

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GlennGould is a semi-annual magazine that offers an amazing view into the world of the legendary Canadian pianist, writer, composer, and broadcaster Glenn Gould (1932-1982). The magazine will intrigue you with never-before-published texts by Gould—essays, scripts for radio and television, program notes, lectures, interviews, humour, and so on, as well as letters, diaries, and other private writings.

The magazine publishes a wide range of articles about Gould, too, as well as articles that touch only indirectly on Gould but deal with issues that were important to him or that broaden our understanding of his life, work, and thought. The magazine also offers documentary history in the form of reprinted reviews, profiles, and other biographical texts from Gould’s own lifetime, and offers reviews of new books, recordings, broadcasts, conferences, and so on—keeping track of the expanding industry around Gould.

Every issue is overflowing with photographs and facsimiles of concert programs, album covers, compositional manuscripts, workings papers, juvenilia, and other archival documents.

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