I own CA95. I advised my friend to buy a kawai digital piano. After 2 years , His CA 49 started experiencing key noise. He contacted the place where the product was bought for warranty.
Shop owner said that degradation of kawai key the best, heavy and the clunking noise the best , after a few years . Roland is the quietest key actions.

What ? what? 9 years ago. I bought Roland hp 307 . After a few minutes playing I was immediately irritated by the clunking noise the keys made. I tried to play it for 1 week to adapt to the noise .But i can't , it was so loud . It is not anything than can be rectified, it is just the Roland key setup. Anyway I sent it back for a refund and have now purchased CA95.
And Now. Roland is the quietest key actions and Kawai is the worst ???
My friend complained to me last night about my advice to buy kawai. so sad