Hello all,

I’ve done a search, but haven’t found my particular answers addressed – apologies for any redundancy. I’ve put this on the tech forum because I would greatly appreciate your knowledgeable guidance on a few different topics around a potential move from the SF Bay area to Chicago.

I have two pianos, and my questions are different for each of them:

1) I have a Yamaha N2 AvantGrand. Is this something that requires “real” piano movers, or is it something that could be safely moved with the rest of the household goods by regular movers? The latter, would of course, be much easier.

2) My 6’ Bechstein is a different matter, on several fronts

a. We’d be moving from Piano Heaven (in terms of climate / humidity) to Piano Hel-l. Depending on when that move might happen, would it make sense to temporarily store it in a climate controlled facility? I don’t know if moving it in, say, February, when it’s frigid / no-low humidity would cause any lasting damage, and if it would be better to move it in a milder month (April).

b. I had new hammers and bass strings put on 4 years ago, which of course included a full regulation. I give the piano a pretty good workout, so it’s getting close to that time for it to have another full regulation done. The issue: I have a fantastic tech here, and what lies ahead is an unknown; do I have a regulation done here by someone who knows my piano intimately (and who I know is a great tech), before the move, or wait until it’s moved and settled before getting it regulated by someone new and unknown (in other words – will the move have an impact on the regulation, and thus it’s better to wait)?

Thanks so much for any insights and guidance you can share.

1990 C. Bechstein M-180