It's ZDAVE again owner of a PN100 Digital Piano (SN9298934). It still lives, though needing some remediation.

Problem: Plastic Keyboard with weighted keys but many of the keys are now sticking. There is a small strip of adhesive backed Teflon (maybe) on which the counterweight rides. The counterweight should ride smoothly on the strip when the key is depressed. Over time the strips have become dimpled which leads to resistance when the key is depressed and the key then sticks.

Most of the keys are having this problem. The instrument is at least 24 years old now. I'm wondering else has had similar problems and if there is a known fix. Can anyone at the manufacturer identify the strip material and perhaps a source for same.

I noted on Google search that others with the same /similar Kawai keyboard have experienced the sticky keys problem as the keyboards age.

If there is an alternative cause or recommendation (besides trashing the keyboard). I would appreciate constructive recommendations.

Best regards,