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Thanks for reviving this thread. I’m using JazzEdge right now I really like it! there is a ton of material and seems possible to find something for just about anyone at any level and new content getting added all the time.

After perusing this list, I like the descriptions of some of what’s mentioned above, and I’m keeping this list for reference as I grow in my playing. Im a 50yo advanced beginner heading toward intermediate and loving exploring jazz and cocktail piano.

I also do have an in person teacher and he has added immensely on the intangibles that are hard to engage using an online course.

Love this site, thanks all!

I enjoyed reading about your piano experience. It looks like Piano Edge has a ton of valuable information. You have a great situation of online sources AND a “live teacher.” The best of both worlds! With that combination, you’ll be a solid intermediate player in no time. :-)


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