My teacher often collaborates with Ian Hobson and I wondered if they had any performances together recently and I stumbled across this little gem with a simple google search. I remember the day because she told me her forearm swelled up like a baseball bat after her cat bit her but she didn’t tell me about this little recital live streamed at her teachers home in the middle of the pandemic. It’s so casual, sort of impromptu, kind of funny but it’s wonderful to watch such incredible artists performing Chopin’s 4 masterpieces with such enormous virtuosity in such an informal manner. I like the commentary by the artists themselves and it seems like they were just having fun. I wouldn’t want such great performances get lost in obscurity so I’m posting here for any Chopin lovers. I hope they don’t mind, but I imagine since it’s in a public forum they wouldn’t. Muen “Vanessa” Wei and Ian Hobson the man otherwise known as her teacher and the 4 Ballades. Enjoy!

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