I posted this in the main forums but I thought it may be appropriate for these forums too:

I’ve been searching for the perfect high level upright for about a year (my progress in this endeavor was greatly slowed by the pandemic).

Fairly recently, I encountered a new Bösendorfer 130. I was delighted to actually find such a rare upright, brand new, in the USA. I briefly played the instrument and would have played it even more to better evaluate it but when I checked out the interior of the piano I noticed something that I found very concerning. The Bösendorfer logo appears nowhere on the plate of the piano (at least that I could see).

Every other 130 I’ve seen had the Bosendorfer/Wien lettering appearing on the left side of the plate just above the company’s crest.

But on this piano, only the serial number appeared on the plate. No lettering, no crest. Otherwise Bosendorfer does appear on the fall board and of course, this has absolutely no affect on its performance.

The dealer was fairly reputable so I seriously doubt this was somehow a counterfeit Bösendorfer. But I still can’t help but wonder what’s up with Bösendorfer’s uprights. Did Bösendorfer run out of plates with their logos? Or did they make the odd choice not to put their name on their plates.

I didn’t really want to ask the dealer for fear of getting “spin” instead of an unbiased explanation (he does, of course, sell Bösendorfers for a living).

So I thought I’d ask about this in a more open forum. Anybody know anything about this?