Hello...I have been running Keyscape/Omnisphere for quite some time with no issues. However, I recently had to reinstall Keyscape because of an error updating the software. Everything is up to date now. However, an initial significant problem I had mostly with the acoustic pianos has returned. I get very harsh cracking noises and occasionally the whole keyboard will become very shrill/tinny-sounding. This is running Keyscape in standalone mode or within Omnisphere with thinning engaged. Changing the buffer size makes no difference whatsoever. This usually occurs when playing multiple notes, using the sustain pedal, etc.; a very harsh, shrill, distorted sound will almost be superimposed on top of the normal keyboard or piano sound. Sometimes it will go away after stopping playing for a few seconds, sometimes it persists and you have to exit out of the app or change settings/drivers back and forth to get it to go away. This happens despite low CPU use at the time as reflected in the Keyscape settings tab. I completely fixed this in the past and this issue completely disappeared but I can not for the life of me remember what I did to correct this. I am using the exact same equipment as listed below:

My setup:
Yamaha P-115 piano
Laptop with Intel i7 processor, 8 GB ram
Output port ASIO apogee USB ASIO driver
Output into Apogee One which feeds into my mixer

I would greatly appreciate any help!