I only want a piano visualiser for one reason only. To practice pieces of music that sheet music does not exit for. But this seems a bit too good to be true!

This video here for example, a bit long winded, but he basically says that you can download something called MIDI Trail that will allow you to convert any audio (once in midi form) into a form that shows all the notes as if played on the piano.


He says that the visualizer he refers to here (Midi Trail) is free, but that it's only for Mac PCs. I presume that any visualiser that is 'free' will likely be useless, or difficult to download. For example, I tried this one and it didn't work:


But even if I could pay for such a thing, that would still be fantastic. Anyone know the best way of going about this, as it does seem complicated so far? My intention with a piano visualiser would not be to spoil myself, but only look at the notes after already attempted figuring the song out by ear.

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