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The original post sounds like a rant about teachers and their shortcomings veiled in a question about scale fingerings. OP isn’t asking about proper scale fingering. He’s already figured that out on his own, according to his post. He’s asking for agreement that teachers have shortcomings. Why would anyone post something like that in the Teacher’s Forum but to get a (negative) reaction from members/teachers? Even the title of this thread is “question on teachers”, not “question on scale fingerings”.

This. I couldn't agree more that OP's post sounded very much like a rant on teachers.

Now to the OP:

Your post title not only mentions teachers, but this statement of yours stood out:

Most teachers probably just say that different scales might have different fingerings which is true but they never teach students about the simple patterns.

"Most teachers probably..."

The use of "probably" signals an assumption. You're admitting you don't know.

"...they never teach students about the simple patterns."

Really? Never? You know that, OP?

And in a subsequent post:

many teachers just never try to understand people at all.

There's that word "never" again, and "many teachers..." That statement is a slur on the teachers who do try to understand their students and teach to their specific musical and other needs. And it's not a few teachers who strive for greater understanding of their students.

You are making unsubstantiated and derogatory claims about "many/most" teachers. The post comes across as more of a fist-shaking against piano teachers than a question or statement about scales.