Hi there. Posted this in adult beginner-fprum but was recommended posting it here instead sonce i have studied for a long time.
I'm 41 years old male. Study piano as young until age 19. After that I moved to apartment and couldnt have and couldn't afford a piano. So about 21 years without a piano and not practicing at all. But have now gotten myself a piano and started to play again and its so much fun.
But I am now doing it all on my own without a teatcher - so my thought is this...

I am not a beginner but not really a pianist.
But would love to have a study-buddy. Someone to chat with and exchange thoughts about progressing and support each other giving tips and advice. A confidemce thats ok to wtitr to without putting unfinnished materials and thoughts to "the world".
So anyone else in a somewhat similar situation who wants to be my study buddy/ pen pal?
Got a soundcloud account (message me if intrested)