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For years I've been thinking about playing piano. On the internet I found a W. Hoffmann, build in Langlau, Germany. The serial number is 142401, which according to most sources I've found means the piano is either from 1992 or 1993. Oddly, the advertisement claims it to be from 1994, but that's impossible I think, considering the history of the Euterpe factory. Anyway, does someone have experience with these W. Hoffmann piano's from Langlau, build in the 90's? I've seen topics in which the Langlau's from the 80's get very favorable reviews, but not much can be found on the slightly younger ones.

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I forgot to mention the most important pieces of information. It's a 120cm tall W.Hoffmann upright and I consider myself a complete beginner. The asking price is similar to 2nd hand Yamaha U1's from the 70's and 80's and about EUR 1500 cheaper than a new Feurich 122 for example.

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W. Hoffmann 120 (Langlau)