I've been looking to buy an upgrade from my Yamaha p115 which has an average GHS action and the build quality is pretty average as well. I've looked around for stage pianos/controllers which are light and sturdy, with great actions, and I think a PHA-4 on the new A-88 mkii is my best bet (although I have not physically checked out the board since there aren't any for display near me, and would love some reviews on it :))

However, the Roland neither has a laptop tray nor a music rest, two things which I would love to have (especially the laptop plate/tray), since I perform a lot, and due to vst integration and reading sheet music, I need the laptop infront of me, not on the side. Also, it's such a hassle to carry them separately (since I fly a lot). The FATAR keybeds on the other contemporary controllers with such trays and rests just aren't good upgrades from a GHS for me personally (sl88 studio and keylab 88 mkii come to mind).

Are there third party companies that sell laptop plates/trays that you can fit onto your board, or is there a DIY method someone has managed to figure out?? Also, do people have any thoughts on the Roland?? I really appreciate any sort of help smile

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