Today, I announce to the Piano World Community a new series of recordings of which this performance of Steve Chandler's "Luminous" is the first: #UnknownComposersWorthHearing.

UnknownComposersWorthHearing will be on YouTube as well as Vimeo and FaceBook. In addition to being the first piece on my new playlist, "Luminous" will be included in the existing Respite playlist on my Facebook artist page at as well as on Vimeo.

I started the Respite series BEFORE the Pandemic Lock-downs when I realized that playing certain pieces brought me much needed "respite" from the unrelenting torrent of bad news (e.g. natural disasters, war, genocide, hyper-partisanship...), which barraged me daily. If playing those pieces helped me feel better, perhaps, hearing them would help others feel better. So, "Respite" was born. Today I have close to 300 subscribers - not a lot, but about as many people as I've played for in small public venues. I'm glad people are benefiting from the music.

“Luminous”, by Steve Chandler, is, in his words, “…the last of a set of emotional vignettes, but is much more than just a depiction of an emotion. It represents what I think it would/will be like to stand in the light of GOD. It starts gently and builds to a down pouring of love and acceptance”.

If you are a composer, or know a composer whose piano music is unknown, worthy of hearing, PLEASE get in touch with me. I am open to suggestions and submissions. Regarding what sort of music could fit the Respite or UnknownComposersWorthHearing profile, I echo what Steve Chandler, the composer of today’s piece wrote to me: “I subscribe to the notion that music should contain an element of beauty. There is already enough ugliness…”.

[Music starts at 3:27 if you want to skip the intro remarks. I tried including the time to start in the hyperlink, and it didn't work with the code here on PW]

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