my Macbook gets about 5 hours on a charge for normal use but only 2 hours when running RCT which means I can get exactly one full tuning and then have to plug in for the next tuning. Aside from this little (read: major) inconvienience the laptop runs hotter than the older ibook and I've found that I can cause a section to go flat pretty quickly if the heat from the laptop gets near the strings. Vigilance, in this regard is important. It is neccesary to keep the laptop off the struts above the strings except for very short periods.

My question: Coolbook is a little application that looks promising as a way to get the Macbook to run cooler and extend battery life. But it is daunting in that it assumes one knows how computers operate, and the terminology so far, is very technical and unfamiliar.
I would greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions on how or where I can brush up on things like undervolting etc I've been advised on the macrct site that I need to use "common sense" when using Coolbook but first I need to learn a whole host of computer terminology and understand basic principles. Thanks!