I recently purchased an A-88 Mark 2 and I do not regret buying it because it is a high quality product and a pleasure to use. However, I am still curious to understand why it cost about twice as much as a an FP10 that has the same key bed plus speakers and some sounds. I suspect I do not fully understand its capabilities.

Just a bit of background. I wanted to buy a reasonably priced keyboard (as a controller) to allow me to regain my modest classical piano skills before deciding whether to buy a higher end digital/hybrid piano. In the 500 euro price range I much preferred the PHA-4 key bed. The only reason I bought the A-88 (1000 euros) instead of other PHA-4 based products was because my preferred retailer only had the A-88 in stock.

Any thoughts?

Here are some of my own:
1) It is a new product, so they try it out at a higher price?
2) It is the first (I think) MIDI 2.0 ready keyboard. But how is this worth the extra cost if there are no other MIDI 2.0 products it can talk to - at least for the time being.
3) It has a better build quality than the FP10, for example, and therefore will last longer? Not sure if that is true or not.
4) It has some pads and knobs at the end. Are they worth the extra?