Been fiddling quite a bit on MP7SE with various settings to get a different timbre depending on how I attack keys.

Main important parameters I found
Key volume=high damping to lower higher keys volume a bit
Voicing = dynamic or mellow1, dynamic sound weird on some pianos
Dynamics = 10
Minimum touch = 1

Been thinking at looking at DCA touch depth and DCF touch depth if to fiddle with that a bit. Not sure though how these envelopes works if they are active or not when all values are zero, and changing one from zero all need to be adjusted?

I just don't get the fortissimo feel when playing real hard. It should change more really stepping on it, I think.

Maybe layer with a brighter piano and have velocity switch or something?
Did anybody do this kind of tweak?

What engines do Kawai have in other models that are multisampled, without going wild on spending too much money on amps and speakers in the unit?
I'm just doing headphones and recordings.

There are even free sample sets out there that have 3 levels sampled to actually get different timbre depending on key attack.

I'm so impressed what Kawai offer in settings, so looking at Kawai first hand.

Really enjoy MP7SE but looking at what else is there, next notch, kind of. Or what else did I miss so far in tweaking?


Kawai MP7SE - Hammond XK3c - Synthesizers