At the end of Feltsman's book Piano Lessons: Reflections from a Life in Music he gives very brief "sketches" of many composers. Here are a few that I thought you might find interesting. Please comment if you wish.

The manifestation of Grace. Supreme clarity, objectivity and equilibrium: as above, so below.

The most sensual composer of all: music's lover.

Changed the direction of music by putting himself at the center of his works. Form as forward-oriented accumulative process. The greatest engineer of music ever.

The textbook definition of genius and the most enigmatic composer of all. An incredible range of emotion- from inborn childish joy of being and playing to the pit of despair. Searching for lost time, nostalgia for the life he never had and for the future that never would be. Schubert's real biography is his music. Form as a circular process, as entropy.

Russia, Russia, Russia...

Could be regarded as the Mozart of the twentieth century.

Aristocratic feelings of ambiguity and intention, fragility and sophistication. A phenomenal gift for poetic narration.

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