I was wondering if some of you piano historians recognize any of these instruments (year, make)? [img]http://forum.pianoworld.com/ubbthre...wn-wagner-concert-grand.html#Post2999678[/img] ( If the link doesn't work, it can also be found under the title "Unknown Wagner Concert Grand?" in the Picture Forum section of PWF).
The pics were all taken in Richard Wagner's home Wahnfried on the same spot in the living room. The first pic is apparently from 1938, but the piano is of course from the victorian period. I have already ascertained that at least the first one is not the 1876 Steinway Centennial nor a grand that Wagner was known to own, such as a Bechstein, Ibach, Steingraeber, or Erard. The second photo where only a piece of the lyre can be seen is from 1886 and apparently of a different piano and the third is from around 1900 with only the cheek visible. Even though they are all from after Wagner's death, they are likely still from his life-time since Cosima kept things strictly original. The Wagner museum seems to think they are all his Steinway, which is clearly not correct.
Thank you!