The CA65 is an incredible piano. I would definitely do that over the CA49. The latter features a compact action...the great thing about these concert artist series pianos is the long action. Why compromise on it? The CA65 is a few years old but it was the best piano they made at the time, and quite frankly the progress in digital pianos over the last 8 years has been moderate at best, especially at the top end. Eight years is not that long in piano or digital piano time. The AvantGrand N3 came out 11 years ago and has not been updated since then. Is it so out of date it should be avoided? The CA65 sounded and felt amazing when it came out and it still does.

I wouldn't be concerned about the supposed issues with the GF action. It's real wood. There are going to be a few cases where it responds to its environment, unlike the plastic in most actions. That's true of acoustics as well and not a deal-killer. Those issues tend to come up early after it is first put into its final environment, if they come up. If you are buying from a store, it will be under warranty presumably and they can fix it if it does come up. Wood can be sanded and otherwise fixed easily.

I was very close to buying a CA65 not long ago. Would have a saved a lot of money to do so, but I was feeling rich at the time and sprung for the CS11. Even better, but not by an insurmountable amount.

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