A very interesting video, for me, that you too may find insightful.

I know, I know, not about keyboards...... but there are many many parallels here.

1 - The impact of the internet reviews, commentary etc....
2 - How we educate ourselves and develop opinions (informed or not)
C - The role of the bricks and mortar store and sales consultants
4 - Our keyboards are very much like audio equipment in that they reproduce (so goes a sample) recorded music. Yes, you manipulate it with your fingers and feet, but really, our boards are about reproducing the sound of a real acoustic piano much like a stereo system reproduces recorded music.... amps, speakers, headphones... all the same really.

Anywho... interesting nonetheless.....

BTW, I purchased stuff from Andy Singer years ago..... Cardas Cables... California Audio CD player... some other stuff going back to the late '80s.

Bruce in Philly


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Bruce in Philly