This recital is scheduled for July 2020. It will open for submissions July 1st, and go live July 15th. If you would like to pledge to play something, look in the themed recital subforum. Pledges are not binding (of course), just a way to share interest in the recital. You don't have to pledge, you can just submit when the recital opens.

Any piece by Domenico Scarlatti can be presented, on piano or harpsichord. Multiple submissions are fine, so that you can present a pair of sonatas (which may be what Scarlatti intended), if you wish.

A tiny bit of history
Domenico Scarlatti was born in the same year as J. S. Bach (1685). Not much is known about his early life. His father was the famous opera composer Alessandro Scarlatti. Domenico was born in Naples, but he is remembered today for the more than 500 pieces composed for the harpsichord that he wrote in Spain, where he was a court musician and teacher to Queen Maria Barbara.

He only published one volume of thirty "Essercizi per Gravicembalo" (1738) during his lifetime. The rest of his Sonatas survived in manuscript form preserved by his friends. The Sonatas are catalogued with two different sets of numbers. The older Longo system (the L numbers), and the newer Kirkpatrick system (the K numbers), and you see them referenced both ways, which can be confusing.

Some easier Scarlatti
Alfred published a volume "Scarlatti - An Introduction to his Keyboard Works" which contains a selection of easier works.
Jane Magrath, in her Repertoire Book, lists 38 sonatas that are used for teaching. These may be the easiest that she mentions:
Sonata in C Major K.73b, L.217
Sonata in d minor, K.32, L.423
Sonata in d minor, K.34, L.7
Sonata in F Major, K.274, L.297

Other Editions
Everybody publishes some Scarlatti. IMSLP has all the sonatas for free. Kirkpatrick, the modern Scarlatti scholar, selected 60 sonatas in two volumes by Schirmer. Maurice Hinson edited several volumes for Alfred. Part of the fun of Scarlatti is finding something that no one else has recorded or played.

1) Only pieces written by Scarlatti.
2) All skill levels are welcome (this is the ABF!)
3) Duplicate submissions are fine - we are all unique.
4) Multiple submissions are fine - you can do a pair of sonatas (or more).