I’ve been using this program for years which I really like as it is my favorite. I have a Roland hp508 which I generally use as is but when I’m in the mood for something special hook the Garritan up. It has been working fine albeit the volume is never near as high as other VSTs and I always have to max the volume on my Asus Realtek HD audio manager. This weekend I decided to use it again plugged the wires from my computer to the Roland as usual. I maxed out the audio manager, then clicked the Garritan icon, clicked tools and made sure input states my Roland and checked the box. Audio device is ASIO4ALLv2 as usual click OK. I then go to the empty box and click full and then classic then any one of the programs. The keyboard lights up but low and behold No Sound! Either from my computer or piano. I first thought it might be one of the wires but when I use any other VST say Hammersmith/SteinwayD/Pianoteq etc. all working perfectly and working on my Roland fine just the Garritan is silent. I deleted the programs and reinstalled without remedy. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance for any feedback.