Im planning to make video's of my playing, so im looking for something that records video and high quality audio. I don't want to seperate these 2, because i don't want the extra hassle of having to sync the audio with the video after recording.

This lead me to buying a Zoom Q2n-4k, which is a good start to me, but aside from some minor drawbacks... it has one big drawback. It doesn't have xlr/trs inputs like the Zoom Q8 does. That's a problem, because I would like to add 2 seperate microphones later on, since that would obviously be better as I can put them at different locations.

Now, i hear you say, why not buy a zoom Q8 then? Well, i would... if it wasn't for a big drawback on that one. The Zoom Q8 splits your files automaticly at 4GB/17 minutes while recording... it can't just make one big file. So you have to get some extra (paid?) software that could put these files back together or something like that. I think that's just silly. If i choose this route in might as well just record audio and video seperatly and sync it, which would be about the same extra hassle im not looking for.

So, im not going to spend $300 on a product with a strange flaw like that, and my guess is it will be fixed when they release a new version of the Q8, just like in the Q2n-4k.

To make a long story short: Im looking for something that records video as well as high quality audio and has at least 2 xlr/trs mic inputs. Does something like this exist, aside from the Q8?

If not ill probably keep the Q2n-4k and used that until a new version of the Q8 is released.