I recently purchased a Kawai CS11 for it's sound/action after playing for about 10 years on my Yamaha C2 acoustic. (I want to experiment with more digital sounds/mixing/recording etc.). After thorough investigation, I had my mind set on purchasing the Yamaha 685. I went to the Yamaha dealer prepared to bring home my new Yamaha 685! However, after playing it, I could not get used to the action. The keys were very heavy and did not feel or sound at all like my my acoustic (although nothing can truly mimic an acoustic....it was more the feel for me, knowing that I could hook up a VST to play with various sounds. Needless to say, I did not purchase the Yamaha 685. SO, my suggestion is to actually play various pianos and make a list of wants and then pros/cons of your decision. It's an important decision no doubt!! Some of the digital pianos are more expensive than an upright acoustic! In the end, It's important to get what YOU are looking for! It does help to inquire through forums as you are doing. I definitely based my opinion on my real life touch/feel/sound experience in the store as well as with the help from comments from forum CS11 users. Good luck!

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