It's been a while since I was involved in this performance, but I thought it might make interesting viewing.

Sixteen pianists, former students of Peter Feuchtwanger, performed Czerny's arrangement of Rossini's "Semiramide Overture" at Piano Haus Letphein in Freiburg in memory of our dear teacher's passing.

Performing were: Sophie-Mayuko Vetter, Masako Kamikawa, Robert Bärwald, Masayuki Carvalho, Stephan Hohlweg, Markus Halt, Vero Koller, Moritz Ernst, Andrew Kraus, Paul Cibis, Alexander Reitenbach, Lennart Speer, Jorrit van den Ham, Ina Birk, Nina Attorf, Marianne Schröder.

Sophie-Mayuko Vetter is the one who organized the concert, got us the music, arranged for the venue.

Masayuki Carvalho played in the event and was the videographer.

Video was shot from cellphone cameras positioned at the ends of the keyboards as well as from several other cameras in the room. Sound was mixed from a variety of sources.

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1929 Steinert 6'10" (Close copy of New York S&S "B")