Dear Forum members,

I am a total newbie here and I'm looking for some insight into an organ:

I was put in charge to handle the estate of a deceased person. Among the belongings was this 1926 Organ Model Number 7, made by Nippon Gakki in Yokohama, Japan. The serial number is 11352. Unfortunately, I am not a piano player myself, so my knowledge about pianos/organs is nonexistent.

While the organ appears to be in a sort-of okay condition on the outside, I cannot create any sound with this instrument. Inside the instrument was a warranty certificate. All the info mentioned above comes from this document.

My questions are: Do you have any estimation about the value of this instrument? Is this instrument worth cleaning and restoring? Provided that the organ works, would there be interest by musicians to acquire such an instrument, or is this -for lack of a better term- out of fashion?

I am grateful for any kind of information and thank you for your time.

Thank you all!