Falcetti Pianos (Yamaha dealer in Boston, MA) is hosting a DS6.0 keyboard on display in the Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano. Please see their Facebook page for details - I don’t believe it has been announced yet.

Anna Arazi is lined up for the first concert to introduce the keyboard to the Boston musical community. The piano is at the store and ready to be played by visitors. Feel free to contact the store if you would like to stop by (and please spread the word.)

Most women, all children and some men would benefit from these keyboards. Pianists have successfully transitioned back and forth between sizes within a week so it is not a limitation to use these. For more information on small sized keyboards please see the PASK website or the DS Standard Foundation. There are opportunities for retailers and institutions to borrow these keyboards.

We are trying to raise awareness so that manufactures will realize that producing a digital version or an acoustic upright version would make these keyboards and the piano more accessible for everyone. Many skeptics have been pleasantly surprised after trying one.

Thank you!