Hi! I'm a pianist from Argentina very interested in piano technology, who, like a lot of people out there, tunes his own piano with the help of ETD.
Recently I noticed there was some nicks in the tuning pins and I realised that it was due to the low quality and poor fit of my cheap gooseneck tuning lever.
I had the luck to get a borrowed european tuning lever which is much better quality, but as I will have to return it soon, I'm in the market for something decent but not too pricey
After reading a lot in these forums I have narrowed my options to two models: the professional piano tuning hammer manufactured by AMS Piano Tools (which is the same as Schaff craftsman lever when bought with a two piece head) and the Levitan Utility lever.
I think that the latter might be better because of its lightness and rigidity, but I feel concerned because it is a short lever and it's not designed for tuning the whole piano, but more as an auxiliary lever for other tasks. I'm afraid that I could find myself swearing when tuning the high treble, and missing those two extra inches of leverage.
I've read that some tuners in these forum, as Ron Koval, were really excited about Levitan Utility, but they are professionals with a lot of experience.
So my question to you, especially those who have tried the Levitan model, is: do you think that it is a good option for a student, or perhaps it's better going with a more traditional option like the AMS Tools hammer?
Thanks a lot. Regards,