Original Artist: LiSA. Arranger: Animenz. Transcriber: maDwazZ

It's been a few years since I last posted on this forum!

This time I enjoyed myself by playing some arrangements of various songs. This was my first time recording with a dedicated microphone, hope you like the sound quality. Albeit there is some clipping on the high notes.

Sorry for the incidental sight-reading slips during the finale. I had a hard time peeking over to look at bottom bars, and look left for the last page.

This is recorded in my dorm(poor piano), so perfection is not an option. There are people yelling, slamming doors outside almost all the time. Luckily I managed to slip through a somewhat quiet time without anyone coming in halfway through the session.

The piano is not in good condition. Middle C's mechanism is broken (cannot be played softly). Some keys make squeaky noise when lifted. Left pedal is unusable due to misalignment of the hammers, and snapped strings. At least the sustain pedal works and the piano is still in tune partially.