Hello All,

I have an original condition 1912 Steinway Model M that I've enjoyed for the last 4 years. It was a well cared for instrument for much of its life, but is showing its age for sure. It has never been able to be tuned to A440 since I've had it, and it's tuning pins are starting to slip. I had it tuned in December, and by the first week in February, the C#4 D#4 are horribly out of tune. I've called Lindeblad and a couple of local piano restoration companies for quotes. I'm just not sure if I want to invest that kind of money into it right now (and quite frankly, money that I do not have). Also, I'm just renting an apartment and am not planning on staying here much longer. The thought of spending $500 dollars to move it doesn't appeal to me either. I'm really thinking of parting with it and getting a high end Clavinova for the time being. I've played the new CLP685 and CLP695 in the store and was very impressed. I guess I'm just looking for thoughts. I've always been a "realist" and have preferred the real thing as far as pianos go. But I was impressed so much with the new line of Clavinovas. I teach K-12 General/Vocal Music in a small public school and we have nice Clavinovas in each music classroom. It would be nice to record things at home, save them to a jump drive and bring them to work.

I don't know what to do. Am I delusional? Getting rid of a Steinway for a digital? It does seem more practical for me right now. Plus, I really like playing along with recordings (like the Music Minus One editions) and it's impossible when your instrument isn't at A440. Plus, the Steinway M isn't my dream....I'd much rather have an O or an L. I primarily play classical and church music. Would it make me less of a musician to have a digital as my primary instrument at home? It just scares me to put $20k+ into the Steinway not knowing if I'll even like the sound/touch of it when it's all rebuilt. Thoughts, please!