I am a member of the Musescore group called Jay and John's Challenges and I am in the March challenge. The challenge is to compose a piece to represent Spring by March 27. I am about halfway done with my composition for the challenge. I have done this so far in my piece:

First, I did tone painting for the winter wind theme. The violin represents the wind with fast notes, the piano represents the snow with lots of staccato, and the cello represents the person experiencing it with a smooth, melancholy melody. But that is not the only thing wintry about the theme. It is also in D minor.

Then, using a lot of fugato sections along with some sequences, I go one step at a time through this modulation chain:
Dm -> C -> Bm -> G -> A -> D

with the first incomplete modulation chain ending at Bm. After each incomplete modulation chain, D minor suddenly comes back.

Now I'm in the modulation chain that includes the dominant and I am debating whether or not to have a fourth appearance of D minor. I mean I planned on it but at the same time, it feels wrong to me for A to resolve to Dm in the key of D minor. For minor keys with 1 to 5 flats, it feels wrong to have V -> i, it sounds like you are resolving to a more dissonant chord and this is especially noticeable, to me at least from 1 to 5 flats, thus I generally avoid harmonic and melodic minor for those keys, especially for C minor.

So maybe I should just go directly to the ending D major section and do more tone painting there to represent things like birdcalls and other associations with spring, What do you think? Should I go directly to the D major section or should I challenge my thoughts on harmonic minor and have a fourth appearance of D minor before finally landing on D major?