I visited a local Young Chang showroom yesterday to try out their new uprights with my friends. (They are buying for their kid).
They had a Weber W121 (48"). I found the tone pleasing to me. It was round, warm, and mellow.
However, the keys felt heavy, almost to the point of tiring to play. I think it is heavier than normal range.

They also carried Young Chang 131cm (52") uprights, Korean made. I think the model no. was PE-131. And there were 4 of them in the showroom!!
Of 4 of them, one was badly out of tune (it probably wasn't tuned yet). One sounded so bright it was piercing my ears. I ruled these 2 out.
The other 2 were OK. The tone was on bright side, but pleasing to the ears.
The key actions were good: a bit light but responsive.

The asking price for Weber W121 was a bit under $4,000, and Young Chang 131 was around $5,500. (I converted local currency to USD for simplicity).
The dealer warranty is 5 years.
Except the Weber being heavy, they performed pretty well. The Young Chang was roughly the same price as used Yamaha U3s around here, but those old Yamahas were very old, most over 35 years old. The keys were quite slow and difficult to do trills. Personally I found the Young Chang played better.

With my friends' limited budget, these Weber and Young Chang may be a good choice for them.
Now .. here's the catch.
They were all in wooden finish. All 5 of them. And there was no more of them in stock. All they had were in the showroom. No plan for importing more anytime soon either.

So my questions are ...
1) For people who have played Weber uprights, do you find the action heavier than normal?
Is it worth to still consider this particular one? It probably wasn't well prepped. My friends and I agreed that the tone was pretty good.

2) I think newer Young Chang has been made in China for a while, so Korean made Young Chang must be pretty old. Those pianos must have been in the showroom for years.
Will this be a problem?

3) Is carrying only old models with no plan to add more a bad sign of a dealer?
I've been buying sheetmusic and lesson books from this shop for over 15 years. I'd hate to see them go away, but every time I saw them moved, they got smaller and smaller. Maybe it was the market. Or is it just me being paranoid? frown

Thank you in advance.