I'd really like a jukebox in the house, particularly one from the "Silver Age." But my wife said ten years ago I had enough kit in our house and I couldn't disagree.

So I have these in the front room that give me the "nostalgia" element, reminding us of our youth.


With two wall boxes I can have 2 X 160 mp3 choices. No "B" sides as you would with vinyl. You can play only the number of tracks for which the wall box was designed. But it's easy enough to change the iTunes play lists.
The adapter recognises which make and model of wall box you have by the particular code you name the playlist.
The slight noise you can hear when I change over the connections is the 25v transformer a few inches away behind the cassette rack, that powers the wall boxes. My camera picks it up, but you can't normally hear it

I do have two jukeboxes in our Japanese tea-house at the bottom of the garden. But It would be foolish to pay out for an expensive one to keep in a glorified shed. So I have these.

Nice to listen to music in the shade in the garden on a hot sunny afternoon.


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