I agree that new generation is different, they have shortcomings and they have strengths.

But considering the music they listen to, I notice that it becomes more and more shallow, and it troubles me deeply. In the music of past decade there largely is no more place for deep feelings and reflections. Moreover it seems now that in the majority of songs there is no more place for the melody. The melody vanishes from the music. The majority of songs seem to be the product of lining up notes and chords without any idea behind it. It is very worrying.

I think this negative process had begun in 90's and now it has reached its high point when it's difficult to find even one really musical composition in the billboards, populated mostly by very dull and unnaturally sounding ... pseudomusic. I tend to think that in the long run it may corrupt the very musical abilities of the new generation. The melodic music in general may become less comprehensible for them.