One of my dear friend, Yumi, will be playing a wonderful concert in NYC.
If you are interested in contemporary music, come check her out.

678 Hart Street Brooklyn NY 11221

Friday, April 27. 2018 8:00PM
Suggested donation $15

Beat Furrer / III from drei klavierstücke (2004)
Jo Kondo / SIGHT RHYTHMICS (1975)
Thomas Wally / 360x7 part I (=216x7; dabbling in fractality) (2015)*
from cycle : 25 easy pieces (2014-2016)
Postpostscriptum (2x11x12x4) : Les îles des nombres (2018)*
Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen / 6 Sonatas (2007)**

*World Premiere
**US Premiere

"Men can do all things if they will" ...Kenji...