This is the sign up thread for the Debussy themed recital! Signups are optional, but serve to inform others of your intention to participate and generate interest.

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Debussy, so we are remembering him by performing his music.

To add to the list, quote the last entry of the list and remove the quote. Post the new list with your entries and with this red text included. Include your forum name and the title of the piece you are playing.

Preludes Bk 1, #6 Des Pas sur la Neige" (Footprints in the Snow) - SamS
Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum - SwissMS
La fille aux cheveux de lin - cmb13
La fille aux cheveux de lin - AZ_Astro
Masques (1904) - Tim Adrianson
D'un cahier d'esquisses (1910) - Schubertian
Images Bk 2 Cloches a Travers les Feuilles (Bells through the Leaves) (1907) - Tim Adrianson
Images Bk 2 Et la Lune Descend sur le Temple Qui Fit (And the Moon sets upon the Ruined Temple) (1907) - Tim Adrianson
Preludes Bk 2 '...les Fees sont d'Exquises Danseuses' ( ...the Fairies are Exquisite Dancers) (1913) - Tim Adrianson
Berceuse Heroique (1914) - Tim Adrianson
Preludes, Bk I (1910) La Cathedrale Engloutie - Tim Adrianson
The Little Shepherd - gingko2
Le petit nègre - Muove
Deux Arabesques 1 -XenondiFluoride [
Reverie - dynamobt
La sérénade interrompue - GoldmanT
Bruyeres - GoldmanT
Images Bk I, complete - jeffreyjones
Preludes Bk I, Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l'air du soir - jeffreyjones
"Clair de lune" from Suite Bergamasque - Ganddalf
"Passepied" from Suite Bergamasque - Ganddalf
Clair de lune - timmyab
Prelude from Suite Bergamasque - palmpirate
Suite Bergamasque, I. Prelude F4tune81
Reverie - Micael K.
Arabesque 1 - Bunneh
Etude No. 11 "Pour les arpèges composés" - mp15

Bach - English Suite no. 6 in D Minor
Mozart - Piano Concerto #21, K.467
Liszt - Ballade no. 1